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Cat Rescue groups throughout New Zealand are now listed on our Stray Cat Rescue Groups page below. Use this to get in touch with a group near you if you need help with stray cats and kittens.

Vote for us NOW on My Giving Circle. It's FREE. Click on the Giving Circle Page below now and help us help the strays. Not long to go!! Please help us WIN.

Thank you all for trying to reach our TARGET of NZ$2 million to purchase land for New Zealand's first dedicated and regenerative Stray Cat Rescue Centre. We didn't make the target this time, but we'll keep trying. The Strays need a caring place to go. Please donate direct to us and help make this happen. All donations are Tax Deductible.

Stray Cats New Zealand Trust is dedicated to rescuing all stray and abandoned cats and kittens in New Zealand. We wish to end their suffering, and find them a good home with responsible owners.

See pictures of rescued cats and kittens on our Rescued Cats page below.

We are delighted to say that we are Registered Charity with the Charities Commission, No. CC57796. This means that all donations you make to us are Tax Deductible. You can see details about us on their website 

Our focus is on raising $10 million to complete the design and build. All donations gratefully received. Please go to our Donate page to Donate now for the stray cats of New Zealand.

We hope you like our logo, specially designed by Beam, our Marketing expert.

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